Corporate Events

The Hilton Head/Savannah area is the perfect place for any corporate event or retreat. Take your company and event to the next level by coming to the Lowcountry for your product launch, annual meeting or conference. With its ocean backdrop, variety of venues and resorts, activities and team building experiences, golf courses and more, Hilton Head and Inspired Destinations can fulfill all of your business needs.

Our Services

Lodging – The proper lodging is key to a successful corporate event, and Inspired Destinations can help you find the perfect place for your function. Simply give us your dates, and we will identify lodging that best accents your company’s dynamic and needs.

Transportation – Nothing can ruin a corporate event quicker than transportation foul ups and delays. That’s where Inspired Destinations comes in. Once you arrive in the Hilton Head/Savannah area, we will make sure that people get from place to place quickly, smoothly, with a minimum of fuss—and a maximum of pleasure.

Meetings – Meetings are the core of corporate events, and it is vital that they come off smoothly and successfully. Inspired Destinations has the expertise to make your meetings an unqualified success.

Activities – The Hilton Head Island/Savannah area boasts a wide variety of activities that can help make your event unforgettable. We can provide your group with a customized, comprehensive roster of activities and outings—from golf to fishing to boating—that will help your group build memories as well as business success.

Team Building Exercises – Team building exercises are integral to corporate retreats, and Inspired Destinations can provide you with the cutting edge and tried-and-true activities to make your event the best you have ever had.

Dining – The Hilton Head/Savannah region is foodie heaven, and Inspired Destinations knows the ins and outs of this culinary paradise. That’s why we can arrange everything from catered group meals to lunch or dinner in one of the area’s excellent restaurants.

Registration/Departure – The registration process is notoriously problematic, and nothing ruins the start of an event easier than long lines, bungled paperwork, and time-consuming check ins. Inspired Destinations will do everything from setting up registration packets to making sure that participants are checked in as quickly and pleasantly as possible. And remember, we are always on site to greet your group and ensure that check out and departure goes smoothly.

Concierge Service – We will be your on site concierge for your entire stay.

Business Services – Inspired Destinations will provide all of your collateral business services, ranging from printing and designing to presentations and media.

Contact us to start planning your event.

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